Power banks for ADSL modems

Power banks that can power ADSL modems and routers

We can now supply a power bank that can power ADSL routers.  When we have power cuts in South Africa you can carry on working online.  This innovative power bank can remain plugged in so it doubles as a UPS device.  This is thanks to the patented sync charge functionality.  This Power bank also has smart sensor technology built in which allows it to detect what voltage the modem or router requires, it then send the correct power to the device.

This power bank is 23400mAh, the selling price is R 1659.00 including Vat.    We offer discounts on our Power banks for ADSL modems when ordering larger quantities. (10 or more)

Please send an email to wayne(at)geckomedia.co.za for more information.

Romoss eSofun 9

Power banks for ADSL modems