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Power bank charging stations

Power bank charging stations for restaurants There are now a number of companies that have released power banks that can be stored in racks or stacked to charge. The purpose of these systems is for use in restaurants or other busy areas where customers may want to charge their phones or tablets.   The model […]

Power banks for restaurants

How many times have you been at a restaurant or pub and needed power for one of your devices?  We have a solution, our power banks for restaurants combines advertising and charging. This advertising power bank is a great idea for not only for restaurants but for any public venue.  This advertising power bank is […]

Power banks for laptops

We now stock two model power banks that can charge far more products than just laptops.  The smart technology built into this power bank allows you to charge a range of devices that come with a wall adapter.  If the device requires anything between 12V – 20V this power bank will work.   These two […]

Power banks for ADSL modems

Power banks that can power ADSL modems and routers We can now supply a power bank that can power ADSL routers.  When we have power cuts in South Africa you can carry on working online.  This innovative power bank can remain plugged in so it doubles as a UPS device.  This is thanks to the […]