What is a car jump start power bank?

A new trend in power banks is the car jump start power bank.  With this awesome power bank you can charge your phone, charge your laptop and jump start your car.   There are a number of these products hitting the market.  They all vary in battery capacity and jump start ability.  In order to really be effective these power banks must have a high discharge rate lithium polymer cell.  Lithium ion cells simply do not cut it for this product.  This ability to rapidly discharge is critical so that the jump starter can create the required CCA (Cold Cranking Amps) to start an engine. The CCA can be thought of as the power output required to start an ice cold car engine.  The number of CCA you need depends on your vehicle engine size and where you live, in particular how cold it is where you live.  The colder an engine is, the more power it takes to turn the engine over to get it started.  It has all that cold, sluggish oil to contend with.  So the colder it gets, more power is needed.

Jump starter power bank outputs currents vary between 150A and 600A.  These are suggested jump start currents for different size cars:

Small engine, 4 cylinder engine       150A – 300A

Larger engine,  6 Cylinder engine    300A – 400A

Very large engine,  8 cylinder           400A – 600A

Small diesel engine, 4 cylinder          300A – 400A

Larger diesel engine, 6-8 Cylinder   400A – 600A


Most car jump start power banks can charge laptops

Many of the jump start power banks can also charge laptops.  Most feature a button that allows you to select the different voltages.  In our opinion this is not ideal as many people are not technical and could end up damaging their laptops.   Most jump start power banks are supplied with a variety of tips that fit into various laptop makes and brands.  There are far more advanced laptop chargers available click here for more info.


Jump start power bank laptop tips

Jump start power bank laptop tips


Specialised jumper leads, anti spark

We have tested a number of jump start power banks that claim to have spark proof and short circuit proof jumper leads.  Many of these leads are not true spark proof but they do in fact have fuse systems that prevent them for short circuiting.   We do not recommend touching the leads together no matter what the power bank manufacturer claims.  Rather be safe than sorry.  The model below shows a standard set of jump start power bank jump leads with in line fuse on the red cable.

Standard leads for power bank

Standard leads for jump start power bank


We have also tested true spark proof jump leads.  These leads cost a lot more than standard jump leads because they have circuits built into the cable.  This circuit offers the following protection:

  1. Reverse polarity indicator.  An LED lights up when the cable is connected the wrong way around on the battery.
  2. Short circuit protection. Nothing happens at all when the leads are touched together.
  3. Low power bank battery power.
  4. Ready to use indicator.
Specialised anti spark jump start power bank leads. Circuitry based.

Specialised anti spark jump start power bank leads. Circuitry based.


Additional features of jump start power banks

Most jump start are supplied with 4 in 1 cable, this allows you to charge phones tablets and other 5V USB devices.   The jump starter power bank normally also features a built in LED torch.


Jump start power banks with LED torch

Jump start power banks with LED torch



As can be seen above these jump start power banks also come with wall socket power adapters.  They also come with an adapter so that it can be charged from your cigarette lighter port.   See below.

Jump start power bank

Most models can be charged from a car lighter socket