Power banks for restaurants

How many times have you been at a restaurant or pub and needed power for one of your devices?  We have a solution, our power banks for restaurants combines advertising and charging. This advertising power bank is a great idea for not only for restaurants but for any public venue.  This advertising power bank is portable can be placed at diners tables, the patrons can then charge their mobile devices at leisure.  It has a powerful 20000mAh battery which allows it to give multiple charges before needing to be recharged.   It has and illuminated panel that can display advertising for a variety of alcohol or soft drink brands.  It could even be used to advertise for the restaurant itself.   The minimum order is 100 units, this model is fully imported.

Advertising panel table power bank

Advertising panel table power bank



1. High capacity: 20000mAh,can charge several cell phones or tablets

2. Big size display screens

3. Dual sided, advertise on both sides

4. Acrylic material, professional looking finish

5. Easy access enabling you to swap out adverts as needed



· Dimension:    170*128*47mm

· Weight:  740g

· Capacity: 20000mAh

· Outport: 5V, 2A

· Input: 5V, 2A

· Socket Type: USB

· Battery type: Lithium Polymer

· Certification: CE/ROSH/FCC/UL

· OEM: Yes

· Color: black

· Shell:  Acrylic

· Warranty: 12 months

· Working temperature: -20°~50°

· Packing: Gift box

· Applicable scope: all smart phones/ipad/mp3/mp4/blueteeth

· Cycle life: More than 500 times