Introducing our selfie power banks.  Two awesome products in one.

Selfie sticks and power banks are two of the most popular products right now. We offer a two in one model for double the fun.  The selfie button is built right into the power bank itself resulting in the selfie power banks.

We supply this with a monopod (Selfie stick) as a set.  Now you will have enough power to take thousands of selfies thanks to the 4000mAh built in battery.   As one of South Africa’s leading distributors of power banks you can be assured of our quality and one year warranty.  We foresee selfie power banks becoming extremely popular in a pretty short time.

Selfie stick Power bank

Selfie stick Power bank

Selfie monopod stick

Selfie stick (Monopod)

We supply a range of products including regular selfie sticks.  See for more information or to see other models we offer.