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Selfie power banks

Power bank charging stations

Power bank charging stations for restaurants

There are now a number of companies that have released power banks that can be stored in racks or stacked to charge. The purpose of these systems is for use in restaurants or other busy areas where customers may want to charge their phones or tablets.

Tower power bank colours

Tower of Power colours


The model pictured below is one of the most innovative we have seen, It’s called the tower of power. It has a base and comes with a number of individual disks that stack onto the base.

Power bank indicators

Power bank indicators

These disks connect to each other magnetically to charge. The base can accept and charge up to 15 disk power banks at a time. Each disk has a Led on the side which turns blue when each power bank is charged. This makes it easy for a customer to quickly identify and grab a charged power bank.

Power banks colours

LED light indicators on side of power bank


On a 1000 units or more the disks and cable attachments can be Pantone matched to suit corporate customers logo’s. Logos can also be imprinted onto the disks themselves making this a wonderful advertising medium. If customers require lower quantities it is possible but then the units come in white with grey cables as shown below.

Power bank white and grey

Power bank white and grey


Branded power bank

Branded power bank

Car Jump start power banks

Power banks for restaurants

How many times have you been at a restaurant or pub and needed power for one of your devices?  We have a solution, our power banks for restaurants combines advertising and charging. This advertising power bank is a great idea for not only for restaurants but for any public venue.  This advertising power bank is portable can be placed at diners tables, the patrons can then charge their mobile devices at leisure.  It has a powerful 20000mAh battery which allows it to give multiple charges before needing to be recharged.   It has and illuminated panel that can display advertising for a variety of alcohol or soft drink brands.  It could even be used to advertise for the restaurant itself.   The minimum order is 100 units, this model is fully imported.

Advertising panel table power bank

Advertising panel table power bank



1. High capacity: 20000mAh,can charge several cell phones or tablets

2. Big size display screens

3. Dual sided, advertise on both sides

4. Acrylic material, professional looking finish

5. Easy access enabling you to swap out adverts as needed



· Dimension:    170*128*47mm

· Weight:  740g

· Capacity: 20000mAh

· Outport: 5V, 2A

· Input: 5V, 2A

· Socket Type: USB

· Battery type: Lithium Polymer

· Certification: CE/ROSH/FCC/UL

· OEM: Yes

· Color: black

· Shell:  Acrylic

· Warranty: 12 months

· Working temperature: -20°~50°

· Packing: Gift box

· Applicable scope: all smart phones/ipad/mp3/mp4/blueteeth

· Cycle life: More than 500 times

Power banks for laptops

We now stock two model power banks that can charge far more products than just laptops.  The smart technology built into this power bank allows you to charge a range of devices that come with a wall adapter.  If the device requires anything between 12V – 20V this power bank will work.   These two models are the Romoss Sofun6 and Sofun 9,  these power banks have incredible features.  These Power banks for laptops will keep you on the move and communicating all the way.

Romoss Sofun 6 power bank        Romoss esofun 9 laptop power bank

Romoss esofun 9 laptop power bank


Power banks for laptops and more –


Fit charge technology

The built in Technology  can automatically detect the input current demand of different devices and their specific charging needs for improvised compatibility. It  is perfectly compatible with a wide variety of tablets, smartphones, MP3s etc.  The 12-20V system allows it to charge a range of laptops, ADSL routers and many many more devices.

High power conversion

The superb circuit design allows these chargers a power conversation rate up to 90%. It outputs 15% more of actual power into mobile devices than ordinary power bank with the same capacity.

Speed charge adapter

These power banks come with adapters that charge the power bank and 3 times the speed a normal charger would.

Sync Charge

Sync charge allows the power bank to remain plugged into the mains while the power bank charges or powers a device. This means it actually performs as a UPS device as well.  When the power cuts your device continues working as before.

Dual output power 

This smart power bank can charge both a laptop and mobile phone at the same time.

Incredible protection circuit features

  • Overcharge-proof
  • Over discharge-proof
  • Overvoltage-proof
  • Temperature Protection
  • Short-circuit Protection
  • Reset Protection

Power banks for ADSL modems

Power banks that can power ADSL modems and routers

We can now supply a power bank that can power ADSL routers.  When we have power cuts in South Africa you can carry on working online.  This innovative power bank can remain plugged in so it doubles as a UPS device.  This is thanks to the patented sync charge functionality.  This Power bank also has smart sensor technology built in which allows it to detect what voltage the modem or router requires, it then send the correct power to the device.

This power bank is 23400mAh, the selling price is R 1659.00 including Vat.    We offer discounts on our Power banks for ADSL modems when ordering larger quantities. (10 or more)

Please send an email to wayne(at) for more information.

Romoss eSofun 9

Power banks for ADSL modems